Table Produce,ltd



Building area


Total floor area

Structural scale

Reinforced Concrete Structure, ground floor out of 4 stories

Type of industry

Food retailers (Agricultural and marine products)

Type of construction


Table Produce (Open on 20th September, 2020)

We have been requested to plan, design, and construct a food brand shop that is run by a Japanese owner. By considering the owner’s expected image, we have planned to renovate a full furnished store where other souvenir shops already existed inside. Our aim was to achieve a low cost and a short construction period completion by making the best use of existing usable parts that can be used under the present conditions while modifying the newly necessary parts only.


With the concept of valuing the maker’s feelings, and providing customers a safe, secured, and exciting diet, the shop intends to sell ingredients, sweets, beer, Spanish Chocolate and gelato, that produced by local Japanese residents.

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