At YDA VIETNAM CO., LTD, we have a permanently stationed Japanese manager, and we can respond flexibly to a wide range of tasks, as we have a Japanese architectural & structural designer also. In addition, since we can respond multilingually (in Japanese, Vietnamese, and English), it is possible to respond and receive orders not only from Japan and Vietnam but also globally. We also offer free online consultations, so please feel free to contact us.


Perspective View

Regardless of outside or inside, we can express and make you feel a realistic appearance after completion, from your expected standing position.

Walkthrough video

We can edit the BIM model into a video by setting your requested route or line of flow into the model.

VR (virtual reality)

You can see any part of the created BIM model in 360 degrees.

BIM 3D model

A three-dimensional model of the building same as the real one (BIM model) can be expressed on the computer.


From drafting drawings from hand sketches to the conversion of existing paper-based drawings to Revit or AutoCAD data, we provide a wide range of deliverables according to your desired format.

Structure - Floors (correcting settlement)

As we have structural designers stationed in Vietnam, and our group companies in Japan are also good at structural design, we can also provide a wide range of structural consultations.