GANKO Architectural Co.,Ltd. Hakozaki Head Office


3F BRICK GATE Nihonbashi Bld, 35-3 Hakozakicho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Building area


Total floor area

Structural scale

Reinforced Concrete Structure (3rd floor of a building which is 7 storied overground and 1 basement floor)

Type of industry


Type of construction


Since at the beginning, the meeting space was congested and could only hold meeting with a small number of perticipent, we have decided to retake it widely in the area facing towards the outside and separated it with a glass partition, so that the light could reach inside the office in the back.
In addition, by keeping the interior monotonous, with having wood grained vinyl-cloride floor-finish and by designing lighting fixtures, we have abled to achieve a calm and comfortable space not only for working staffs but also for visitors as well.

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