The reason behind the establishment of "Yoshizawa Architectural & Structural Design Co., Ltd." was, being the witness of the great earthquake of Hanshin Awaji in 1995, that caused a great deal of damage to a large number of factory buildings.

Although the factories those were built during the period of high economic growth of Japan, were aging, it was impossible to up-to-date the building and it`s maintenance without interrupting the daily production.

Therefore, we started to plan rebuilding and seismic retrofitting of those factories without stopping the manufacturing system as much as possible and started a company that can carry out the process thoroughly from design to construction.

We are aiming such a company that could provide a safe and more comprehensive working environment for the manufacturing field that supports the Japanese industries.

“YDA VIETNAM CO., LTD” is a company established by “Yoshizawa Architectural & Structural Design Co., Ltd.” in order to enhance the "expression" and "implementation" abilities by introducing “BIM (Building Information Modeling)”.

By “representing building information in three-dimensionally”, we can enhance our presentation skills at sales & planning stage more than ever, to speed up drawing modification at basic & implementation design stages and being flexible to fix & changes. As a result, we can eliminate the image gap between customers and construction contractors and work to improve the satisfaction of all people involved in the project. Furthermore, with “BIM,” it is possible to incorporate information comprehensively from the management of the process to maintenance, as well as environmental simulation and construction costs, not only during the construction stage but also throughout the building life cycle.