Republic of Equatorial Guinea



Structural scale

Steel structure, Single story

Type of industry


Type of construction

New construction

We had received a consultation for planning to construct a mineral water manufacturing plan from a general trading company named “E&A GROUP”, locally owned by a Japanese who is married to an Equatorial Guineans. This project was launched because of the advantageous geographical location of Malabo, which is the capital of Equatorial Guinea and located on a volcanic island floating on the Atlantic Ocean. And, which has a large amount of precipitation and relatively high-quality groundwater can be secured because of it`s subtropical regional location. In order to handle the manufacturing product “water” that requires safety and security, we were requested to gather technologies of highly reliable Japanese companies for factory design, purification equipment, bottling equipment, etc. Construction work was carried out by a local Chinese construction company with having construction experience, and we did the basic design and construction supervision in 2013.