Notification for temporary office building closure and service changes

●To our valuable customers and partner companies

* About building closure

From 9th May 2021, our office building (F.Home) has been declared to be closed.

The reason is, one of the residents of the upper floor of the building were infected with the new coronavirus. All our staff are safe and healthy.

In case of emergency, please contact us through the following.

+ Email: vn-otoiawase@yda-vn.com
+ Company website contact: https://yda-vn.com/en/contact/

* About service
Employees have been working from home since 10th May 2021.

We will do our level best to achieve the usual results. But we apologize in advance in case of any inconveniency.
We hope and appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

General Director 
Keisuke Yoneda